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SEO Services California

We are not another fluffy digital marketing agency that beats around the bush and takes you nowhere. We are direct. Shivay Webtech, the most customer-focused SEO firm in California, uses market-tested SEO strategies to make you unmissable. Something like putting a massive statue on top of the Golden Gate Bridge; the spectators (your business customers) just can’t miss it!

What We Do

As a specialized California SEO agency, Shivay Webtech uses proven SEO techniques to get your website more traffic by putting you on the top of search rankings. We implement the tried-and-tested SEO practices to ensure that your website is flooded with visitors and you are flooded with leads and conversions.

We have an experienced team of SEO professionals who formulate and curate tailored SEO strategies for your business and website to help you get ahead of your competition on Google, Bing, and Yahoo user searches. Our team is an all-rounder, creating fine-tuned SEO strategies for every niche.

SEO for Real Results

Get on top of the digital world with prestigious California SEO services by Shivay Webtech. We optimize your websites for your customers and search engines to achieve the highest authority in the eyes of both.

Why Do You Need SEO for Your Business?

The online playground is a super-competitive one. With thousands of websites vying for the top spot on Google and Bing searches, it’s easy for your website to get lost among the many others.

But with SEO, you can get in front of your targeted customers, and that too among the top organic results. With an industry-admired California SEO consultant like Shivay Webtech, your business will witness higher website traffic, build higher brand authority, be a credible voice online, get more quality leads and convert sales qualified leads.

We provide SEO solutions that are unique in every way to match the uniqueness of your business. The apex rankings on search engines cannot be achieved through a one-size-fits-all SEO plan. Our approach helps you get in front of just the right customer to give you a high ROI.

What Our SEO Strategy Includes

Make a fantastic first impression on customers’ minds and never let anyone else take your place with the help of our industry-tested SEO approaches by members that are a part of our renowned California SEO consulting company. We will take care of your on-page SEO by optimizing the content and code of your web pages to knock your leads, sales, and revenue out of the park. Meanwhile, our off-page SEO strategies will expand your brand authority and visibility across the online world through backlinking and guest posting.

But wait! We don’t stop at just applying the SEO plans. Our crew of specialists with eagle-eye vision (seriously!) continuously keeps track of performance metrics to make changes whenever necessary to enhance the results. We ensure that your SEO campaign is reinforced with the best strategies to boost your rankings.

But Why Shivay Webtech ?

Conventional digital marketing methods do not work anymore in this dynamic online marketplace. That is where our dynamic SEO strategies come in. With a multitude of brands being launched every day, competition has become even fiercer than before. But fret not! You can partner up with the best SEO company in California.

Our services are especially beneficial for small businesses that don’t have a large enough market footprint to influence customers and compete at the same level as established businesses. We boost their local business growth by using SEO methods like on-site SEO, off-site SEO, external linking, local directories, Google My Business registration, and schema application.


Your online authority will increase significantly if your website gets inbound links from other highly authoritative websites. When your authority gets high enough and is maintained, no one can replace you on the first page of search results.

On-page SEO

This is critical to starting your SEO campaign. If your website’s on-page SEO is incomplete or lacks in various areas, off-page SEO will be of no use. Luckily for you, our California SEO company optimizes your site’s title description, sitemap, headings, etc., for SEO.

Google My Business

Getting your small business listed on Google My Business is integral to local SEO. By putting the company details, proper images, and relevant keywords, your website can be at the top.

Schema Data

SEO experts use schema markup data to gain an edge on SERPs. It helps generate rich snippets for businesses to achieve a higher amount of web traffic without the user scrolling down much.

A Comprehensive Suite of SEO Services

Our team takes care of everything SEO. We cover all aspects of your SEO campaign, from on-page to off-page and technical SEO. The technical SEO part is mostly ignored by agencies or paid less attention to. We give it the same importance as on-page and off-page SEO and investigate and improve your website’s technical features like sitemaps, keyword density, robots.txt, server configurations, and title tags.

For local SEO in California, you can depend on us to deliver the optimal strategy that will put your brand in every customer’s mind. It doesn’t matter if your website is built on Shopify, WordPress, or Magento; we are familiar with all the best practices for every type of website.

Full-service SEO Agency California

Since Google has evolved over the years, we have also evolved our SEO strategies for businesses. Our SEO masters have continuously updated their skillsets to deliver the best possible SEO solutions to our clients, and we are proud of their hard work, diligence, and willingness to learn. Contact us today and see the difference they can bring.

An SEO Plan, Personalized for Your Business

SEO is not like an XL t-shirt, where a single t-shirt can be worn by many people, even though it may be tight or loose for some. A successful SEO strategy is one where the plan is made while keeping the business requirements, target audience, and competition in mind. As a company that offers California local SEO services, Shivay Webtech has rich experience working with companies from various niches, offering businesses the digital recognition they deserve.

We take up every SEO project as our own and work day and night to make it a success. The SEO campaigns we design are based on your target audience and demographics. After evaluating many other such guiding factors, we optimize your website through genuine and lightweight images, relevant and fresh content, optimized code, website breadcrumbs, URL structure, and the text-to-code ratio.

Complete Business Understanding

No strategy can ever taste victory without a comprehensive plan. We ensure that the SEO strategy elaborates on the factors working in your favor, those that are not, and the areas that can boost your growth. It is tailored around your business goals for maximum effectiveness.

Thorough Keyword Research

We don’t do generic. Targeting the right keywords for which your website can rank at the top is what we do. Our seasoned crew digs deep to fish out the keywords that can take you from unnoticeable to the first business customers notice.


After planning comes implementation. We ensure that your website is indexed and relevant content is crawled (along with not getting that content crawled, which can affect your ranking negatively). We optimize title tags, meta tags, and headers and utilize link building to establish authority.

Analysis and Performance Tracking

SEO is not a one-off deal. It is a continuous process that generates results over time and needs to be kept up in order to be visible to users. We conduct a constant strategy analysis to find areas of focus and KPIs such as web traffic, bounce rate, pages crawled per day, local visibility, and more, to enhance the effectiveness of our strategy.

You Only Get Leads When You are Leading Rankings

It’s simple logic – if you’re visible to the users searching for your services on Google and Bing, only then do you stand a chance of getting more website traffic and, subsequently, higher sales and revenues. To help you reach the first search page of search engines, we offer affordable but high-quality digital solutions like search engine optimization in California for your business. We are the rocket for your business satellite, placing you in the orbit of profit (has a nice ring to it!).

Hop on to a quick call or send us a message to discuss your business requirements, and we’ll give you the best of what we’ve learned over the years.


SEO Expert Tactics

Being a customer-favorite California SEO firm, we invest time planning our SEO strategy first. Starting an SEO campaign and figuring out things as the project progresses will get you nowhere. You can only produce results if you have a clear direction and proper outline of your SEO needs. This is what we do, our modus operandi. It has worked exceptionally well till now, and we’re confident it will work for you as well.

Know Your Rivals

There is an extremely high possibility that you are offering a service already present in the market (hearty congratulations if you’re offering something entirely new!). Since other companies with a product or service similar to yours have been around for a long time, you need expert help to leave them behind.

That’s where we come in. We filter the best SEO practices of the competition from the mediocre and weak ones. Then, we ensure that these practices are effortlessly integrated into your SEO crusade by your trusted partner local California SEO company.

Doing this will help your website rise faster through the search rankings while not having the weaknesses of your competitors. All this will ultimately produce more leads, revenue, and profits.

SEO Services for E-commerce Businesses

The e-commerce space exploded when the pandemic struck. We support the growth explosion of such businesses by offering SEO solutions for e-commerce websites. As part of our SEO services, we optimize the information in areas like Amazon Seller Account, product listing, Google Merchant Center, product reviews, and Merch by Amazon. These are e-commerce-specific services that we offer in addition to our traditional SEO methods involving keyword research, on-site and off-site SEO, image optimization, link building, structured data implementation, and meta description.

After an organized SEO strategy is created, we further fine-tune the SEO strategy by getting your website’s pages crawled and indexed quickly by optimizing the content, title tags, and meta tags. As a focused SEO agency in California, we create trustworthy backlinks to give your website a higher reputation in the digital space for more clicks and leads.

Your Dependable California SEO Consultant

Not every SEO agency offers the best-in-class services to their clients. However, we make sure that if we provide a service, it’s only the best, to give our clients the maximum value for their money. Here are a few of our attributes that make us the most preferred SEO agency in the industry:

transparent work

Transparent work

We keep our clients in the know at every step of the project milestones. This way, they can suggest any changes or corrections and implement them immediately. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Market Expertise

Having served clients from every niche over the years comes with its perks. You get the full force of our experience behind every SEO strategy we make, giving you the necessary stimulus to make your website a top-ranker.


In-depth Research

Every SEO strategy we make is built upon thorough research of your business, the competition, industry, target audience, current SEO level, areas of improvement, and much more. We ensure that there is no point left out of your SEO campaign.



– We are not a rigid California SEO consulting company. Just because we have created a strategy doesn’t mean we will throw your ideas out of the gate. Our team is ready to analyze any suggestion you may have if it will improve the effectiveness of the SEO campaign we’re running for you.

Get More in Less

Our SEO solutions are qualitative, personalized, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg! You will get measurable results at a fair market price before deadlines start knocking. Every moment you spend thinking is a moment your competitor races ahead!

Don’t wait, and let your website’s click rate, escalate!


SEO helps you cut through the competition, which is growing every day. Adopting the latest SEO strategies for your business can increase website traffic, quality leads, and business revenue by establishing your brand authority and augmenting your online visibility

No matter your business type, you need SEO to take it higher. With SEO, you’ll have 24-7 visibility on the internet at the top of SERPs. Your site will get more clicks which will translate to more profits.

We offer our expert SEO services for all types of websites that may provide services, products or may only contain blogs. Bharat Arpanet offers end-to-end SEO solutions for all kinds of businesses.

There is no clear answer to this question since rankings depend on multiple factors like optimized web pages, domain authority, keyword targeting, and content relevancy. However, it takes a minimum of 3 months for some visible results.

An SEO campaign’s cost depends on the project’s scope, duration, type, and size. However, Bharat Arpanet offers the most affordable SEO services in California without compromising quality.