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When the digital traffic is much like the on-road traffic in Mumbai or Delhi NCR, you need an expert SEO company in India that can help you navigate through the crowd. Shivay Webtech can be your navigator, helping your business achieve the top spot on Google searches.

Our customized and budget-friendly SEO services in India are available in the following cities:

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Result-generating SEO Services in India

For a market with an insane amount of the hustle and bustle, you need a partner that can help your business navigate expertly. India’s digital market is incredibly competitive, and getting top Google rankings is no longer a piece of cake. But as a highly successful SEO firm in India, we can get that cake for you!
Shivay Webtech’s SEO crew features highly motivated and experienced professionals that dedicate all their attention to bringing clients’ businesses to the top of user Google searches. We work on a business-specific strategy that will enhance your company’s online visibility, getting more clicks, visitors, leads, and sales.
By working with us, you’ll get a custom SEO marketing strategy built to maximize results only for your business. So, if you want your business to be in the spotlight of Google rankings, partner up with us.

Full-service SEO Solutions for Business Growth

SEO is like India’s heritage – it is the best when various sectors come together as one. Similarly, an SEO strategy will only be victorious if it caters to everything Google is looking for while ranking websites. Our clients consider us the best SEO company in India because we produce SEO schemes that accurately target your audience and help your marketing spend to reap the highest value.
We establish highly-resilient market credibility for your business by working on organic rankings achieved for all the right keywords.
While most full-service SEO agencies try to dig deep into your pocket, we don’t. Our entire package reflects our promise for qualitative but affordable SEO in India. You get more qualified website traffic at an incredible bargain with us.


On-page SEO

Optimizing your business website’s fundamental elements comes first. We see that everything from its code, content, internal links, and sitemap to its meta tags and title tags, and more, is Google-friendly.


Off-page SEO

You don’t become a reputed brand only by promoting yourself. We build backlinks from popular and authoritative websites to amplify your website’s domain authority.


Technical SEO

We make your website a technically sound one in Google’s eyes by perfecting your website’s headings, keyword usage, server configuration, and the robots.txt file, among other things.


Content Marketing

Our 360-degree SEO strategy is completed with interactive, accurate, and user-friendly content published by our experts to tell Google exactly what your business is all about.

Efforts in the Right Direction Show Results

Only building an SEO strategy and implementing it without seeing how it performs is not how we do business. As a trusted SEO agency in India, we maintain a constant watch over how our SEO marketing plan for your business is performing after deployment.

Generating actual results is the name of the game, and we are proficient at playing it. Our approach involves thorough competitor analysis to sort out the best SEO practices used by your business rivals. Then, we conduct our SEO strategy as per your industry and business requirements and implement it to further build on your company’s vision for the future.

As a small eCommerce business owner, you’ll find that our eCommerce SEO services in India can help customers gravitate toward your business like iron to a magnet. Prepare yourself for rapid capability expansion!

Value-based SEO Solutions for Clients

Most organizations offering so-called “top SEO services in India” don’t actually care about the entire process. We mix traditional marketing strategies with contemporary approaches to ensure the best results for your business’s online marketing strategy. Our team will always provide you with regular updates so that you can actually see how your SEO strategy is performing.

Join together with a seasoned team offered by a noteworthy SEO consultant in India to enable your organization’s rise in the digital market by achieving the top rankings on Google’s first SERP.


The firms you see on the top of search results are excellent choices since they must have performed good SEO to rank on the first page. You can also check online reviews and previous clients for more info.

Sure, it can, but without producing any results. If users are unable to find your business online, it is highly unlikely that your website will get any visitors. With SEO, you can increase your online visibility and get found quickly.

It is unfair to compare the two strategies since both strategies have their own advantages. SEO helps gather web traffic over a long term organically, while PPC gets visitors quickly by spending money on ads.

There are many factors, such as keyword targeting, domain authority, content quality, etc., that affect the time taken to produce results from any SEO strategy. Generally, you can expect to see results after three months.

You can get an idea of the total cost of the SEO project by discussing it with one of our SEO experts. Please keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on the project’s duration, scope, size, and type.