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And we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

Drop As a Message

And we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

SEO for Real Results

We are not another fluffy digital marketing agency that beats around the bush and takes you nowhere. We are direct.

Shivay Webtech uses market-tested search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make you unmissable. Something like putting a huge statue on top of the Golden Gate Bridge; the spectators (your business customers) just can’t miss it!

Repetitions are not good.
Except when it is the formula for victory!

Why Do You Need SEO for Your Business?

The online playground is a super-competitive one. With thousands of websites vying for the top spot on Google and Bing searches, it’s easy for your website to get lost among the many others.
But with SEO, you can get in front of your targeted customers and that too among the top organic results.
Witness higher
website traffic
Build a higher
brand authority
Be a credible
voice online
Get more
quality leads
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But Why Shivay Webtech?

Conventional digital marketing methods do not work anymore in this dynamic online marketplace. That is where our dynamic SEO strategies come in.
Our team of SEO experts create a customized plan according to the following guiding factors
  • Why Choose Us

  • 1

    Complete business understanding

    No strategy can ever taste victory without a comprehensive plan. We ensure that the SEO strategy elaborates on the factors working in your favor, those that are not and the areas that can boost your growth and it is tailored around your business goals for maximum effectiveness.

  • 2

    Thorough keyword research

    We don’t do generic. Targeting the right keywords for which your website can rank on the top is what we do. Our seasoned crew digs in deep to fish out the keywords that can take you from unnoticeable to the first business customers notice.

  • 3


    After planning comes implementation. We make sure that your website is indexed and relevant content is crawled (along with not getting that content crawled which can affect your ranking negatively). We optimize title tags, meta tags, headers and utilize link building to establish authority.

  • 4

    Analysis and performance tracking

    SEO is not a one-off deal. It is a continuous process that generates results over time and needs to be kept up in order to be visible to users. We conduct a constant strategy analysis to find areas of focus and KPIs such as web traffic, bounce rate, pages crawled per day, local visibility, and more, to enhance the effectiveness of our strategy.

What Our SEO Strategy Includes

Make a fantastic first impression on customers’ minds and never let anyone else take your place with the help of our industry-tested SEO approaches.


Optimizing the content and code of your web pages to knock out your leads, sales and revenue out of the park.


Expand your brand authority and visibility across the online world through backlinking and guest posting.

Our Expert SEO Approach

Shivay Webtech, the most distinguished SEO Company in Noida, employs tried and tested methods in all our SEO strategies. We put your website at the top of Google rankings by improving your on-page SEO and building authoritative backlinks using highly informative articles, blogs, guest posts, classifieds, etc. We continuously monitor the performance of our SEO campaign to give you the best value for money. Our team of SEO specialists constantly looks for new avenues for improvement so that Google prefers you over your competitors.

We optimize your website and business to reach your specific targeted audience and
help your organization expand as fast as possible.

Website Analytics

Our team of experts will use specialized tools to conduct a thorough website audit of your website to identify its strength and weaknesses. Once we have an idea of the areas that require improvement, we can work on the techniques that will fortify your business’s marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

Next comes the formulation of a list of keywords your website should rank for on Google searches. We shortlist the keywords with the highest user intent and the lowest competition after thoroughly analyzing your top competitors’ SEO strategies.

Content Marketing

After we have a list of the keywords, we will target, we work on creating and publishing content relevant to your niche and containing the latest information to provide the users with what they want. As your dedicated SEO consultant, we work to bring the best user experience to your customers.

On-Page, Off-Page, & Technical SEO

Only on-page, on-page or technical SEO is not enough to get the top rankings on Google. Our experienced professionals know this and work on enhancing all SEO aspects. We work on optimizing your website and server to help it get crawled and indexed faster.

Website Traffic Measurement

Simply starting an SEO campaign and leaving it on its own is not what we do. We constantly keep an eye on the traffic your website is getting, the sources of web traffic, and what can be done to boost it. When we see an opportunity to increase the traffic, we grab it!

Performance Tracking

You will get regular updates on how your SEO campaign is performing in a detailed, concise and understandable report. We will also send recommendations to help improve your website’s rankings further.

Our Areas of Expertise

Shivay Webtech provides tailored solutions to small businesses for these
digital marketing approaches

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